What are the best Poker Rooms 2018?

There are many types of games, and within them, a wide variety of games that use the cards to be able to develop. Of them all stands out one above, the true king of cards. And we’re not playing bluff. You guessed it, it’s about poker, the place where chance, calculation, statistics and psychology come together in a unique atmosphere. From a saloon in the old West to, logically, the Internet.
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The network of networks has only increased and viralized the popularity of the game, thanks also to online betting houses and operators that offer it as one of its outstanding services, feeding back the process with the organization of local and international tournaments .

In our website we can not be oblivious to this phenomenon, because, after all, we are also poker players and we want to offer all our users a complete guide and recommendations that make them know the game better, enjoy it and get the most out of it. Your playing time Therefore, after analyzing all the poker rooms on the internet, we have chosen the best ones. In addition, we also want you to know how the sector is regulated in our country, so that you have everything very clear, knowing that, of course, playing online poker is 100% safe.

  • How we make our selection of best online poker room
  • We list all legal and regulated online poker rooms in the world
  • We select those with the best promos and welcome bonuses
  • We test all the varieties of poker with which they have
  • We play games and participate in trophies and championships
  • We withdraw the profits to verify the fluidity of the process
  • We contact customer service
  • We analyze the comments and experiences of other users

Online poker is safe

All online poker rooms are 100% secure. All of them meet the security requirements of all states that have regulated the online gaming sector. Hence the importance of licenses, which through a stamp tell us which rooms meet the requirements and which do not. In addition, we must bear in mind that all payment methods are totally safe, since the companies that manage them have security as their main objective, since they live on the trust of the people. And all of them have millions of users behind them that confirm how well they work.

Of course, maybe we have to be a little more careful if we live in countries without regulation. In these cases we recommend playing only in online betting houses and casinos with international prestige, such as each and every one of the ones you can find in Online Betting.


  • The poker rooms we list comply with the law
  • The methods of payment and withdrawal of funds are protected and safe
  • It is only safe to play in poker rooms that have the domain.

Regulation of online poker

The so-called Game Law, approved in 2011, put into practice the following year and that regulated the online gaming sector in Europe had many positive consequences for betting houses and gaming operators that were licensed to operate in the country, but unfortunately, poker has not been able to benefit from this rule, rather it has been the other way around.

But before continuing and analyzing this aspect we must separate two areas in this environment:

  • The situation of American professional poker players
  • Online betting houses and operators
  • In general we can say that obliging the latter to use the local domain if they wanted to operate was not a problem, but the fact of restricting players access to international gaming halls and especially the high tax burden in form of taxes that must face, motivating two effects of rebound: the murky practices in the sector and the “exile” of the best national poker players.

These have chosen as destination mainly Europe (which will shortly regulate its sector with some really advantageous conditions) and the United Kingdom, one of the powers of the sector. Is there a solution for this? The problem is not in the regulation, but in this obvious the reality of the sector.

Therefore, from the professional environment of online poker, shared liquidity begins to be seen as a possible situation at this juncture. What is this concept of shared liquidity? This is the community establishment by a number of countries in southern Europe (France, Italy, Portugal and obviously Europe) to establish a series of mechanisms that allow the liquidity of online gambling operators and players, in order to boost the market .

Something that in UK (which in its cited regulation will add this concept together with a taxation of 0%) and France value but whose case is not yet applied in Europe. The tendency, if it continues like this, indicates that the local market loses its indicators in all concepts year after year: the fact that the prize pools of large national operators such as Bwin or betfair are increasingly low are just a sample of it.

A negative impact on the sector that also affects players and specialized media.