Live casino

Live online casino, all the excitement of live roulette

Let’s play, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy all the glamor, sophistication and entertainment of the Casino … From the convenience and comfort of any part of the world in which you are, thanks to the Internet. Today we are talking about live online Casino, and we are going to bring you all the available information on how to bet, take money for free bets and meet the best betting houses and online gambling operators that offer live online casino.

Current advantages and disadvantages of live online casinos

Do you like the possibility of playing from home, enjoy all the excitement of live casino games? It is quite likely, since it is one of the latest trends among betting houses and online gambling operators and is becoming increasingly popular among users.

They appreciate the possibility of playing live from home, watching real dealers on their screens, in real time thanks to streaming video technology. Unfortunately not all gaming operators in Europe offer this possibility, and online casinos that do so only offer roulette games.

This means that we can not currently play other popular casino games such as blackjack or baccarat. But we are not going to be discouraged by that and we are going to focus on those operators that allow us to bet on red or black, odd or even, against the bank and with everything.

The best live online casinos

As we said, there are many operators that offer online casino games live, but there are not too many in Europe, since the regulation is very strict and the license is only available to a few.

In addition, among those who offer it, their offer is limited to roulette, yes, with a live dealer, which makes the experience more attractive and brings the excitement of the game to our homes or wherever we are.

From our casino guide we have selected the best betting houses and gaming operators that currently offer live online casino roulette

Live roulette at the live online casino

As I mentioned, the live casino that can be enjoyed in Europe, currently offers only live roulette. In many of the international casinos, where the online casino is also a very lucrative business, you can enjoy blackjack, baccarat and live poker games. Players increasingly choose this option in the casino for the realistic feeling of being in a casino. In addition, many players who do not trust online casinos can rest easy when they see the spin on the roulette wheel and see the result of their bets live in real time.

The quality of the transmitted images is of high definition and they are emitted of a real physical casino that usually is the casino of Murcia. The numerous cameras show the roulette of all the angles so that the players can see and observe closely the whole process of the game. The croupiers are professional, friendly and very friendly, the player can choose which table to play and can talk to her through the chat.

Free bets in live roulette of the online casino

In addition to being part of the welcome bonuses, most online betting houses and gaming operators that offer live roulette usually offer chips and contests to play and bet online for free, even if we are not members of your VIP clubs.

Being attentive to that possibility of free betting and making sure money with roulette is always good advice and a way to make our gaming experience even more entertaining.
In addition Evolution Gaming is a regular of the EGR (Excellence In eGaming Rewards, awards for excellence in online gaming in English), in addition to having won the award for best software provider for the last 5 consecutive years. Almost nothing, huh?

As we said at the beginning of this analysis, the live casino with live roulette and dealers in real time is the best approach we can have through technology to the experience of watching and playing in a real casino in person.

The most popular software of the moment to be able to realize this casino live live roulette from the best houses and operators of game is Evolution Gaming. This company is a provider of services to well-known names such as Luckia, Paf, Bwin or 888 Casino.

If we can not physically move to any casino, which is the best way to enjoy your gaming experiences, and in the absence of virtual reality to become popular at the consumer level and to adapt to the needs of the best betting houses and gaming operators online, this is a great approach.